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PIC microcontrollers

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Plans for the PICs

I've been following some basic tutorials in order to learn to program the PIC microcontrollers, I've just started by flashing on and off LEDs and taking in inputs. I should be able to make a code to control a simple robot soon as I'm getting quite good at programming in assembly now. When I have enough completed I'll post a few videos of the tutorials as well as the completed robot and hopefully you'll be able to do it too.

If you've any questions about using the PIC ask in the forum and I'll try to help.

PIC Programming Tutorials

Motor Direction and Speed Controller using a PIC 16f627


Some projects from a friend

Here are a few videos a friend kindly allowed us to use on the site. You can find out more information on his site here. To view more of his videos have a look in the members contributions section here.