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Ozirock's Projects PIC Development Board V1.0 Features


The Ozirock’s Projects PIC Development board is intended to provide a platform from which hobbyists and beginners can successfully develop their own projects. The board simplifies the development stage by removing the time usually used for initial set up of general components which are required for almost all projects. These components include:

·         Reset Switch

·         Voltage regulator

·         External oscillator

The external oscillator and the reset switch can easily be connected or disconnected using jumpers. This means the device can be quickly and easily configured for any application.

In addition the board has been designed to allow in circuit programming which means the chip does not need to be removed for reprogramming as would usually the case.

The board is also equipped with a 6 pin header connection to easily allow serial communication via an FTDI cable.

The creation of expansion boards can easily be done using standard prototyping boards or strip boards with a 2.54mm hole spacing. The hole spacing is directly compatible with the prototype board there is no need for any modification. Expansion boards can be created using stackable headers which allows you to use multiple expansion boards quickly and effortlessly.



List of Required Parts

Ozirock’s Project PIC Development Board PCB  1 
18 Pin IC Socket 1 
28 Pin IC Socket 1 
4 MHz Crystal 1 
18 pF Capacitors 2 
100 nF capacitor 1 
5V Voltage regulator  1 
1N4148 Diode 1 
Push Button 1 
3mm LED 1 
120 Ohm Resistor 1 
3k3 Ohm Resistor 2 
10k Ohm Resistor 4 
DC Power Socket 1 
Jumpers 5 
Jumper Pins  25 
Interface Sockets (1x8) 4 

How to buy an Ozirock's Projects PIC Development Board V1.0

You can purchase the board in three different ways, you can buy the PCB on its own, you can buy the PCB and all the components so you can assemble them yourself or you can buy the board fully assembled and tested. The boards do not come with microchips so if you don't have one you should choose one from the store. In addition the board does not come with standoffs but you can also buy these in the store.

There is a mistake on V1.0 of the Ozirock's Projects Development board which means the DC connection is backward i.e. the center pin is negative and the surround is positive. A small adapter wire is provided to remedy this problem. 

You can purchase everything you like from the store here, shipping is €3.70 on orders below €20 and free on orders over €20. 

All payments will be handled through paypal no other form of payment will be accepted.

Recommended Microchips

The Microchips used most frequently on this site are the PIC 16F627 and the PIC 16F886, these are both compatible with the Ozirock's Projects PIC development board.



PIC 16F627

PIC 16F886

No. Pins



No. PWM Pins



No. General I/O Pins



No. Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) Channels



ADC Bit Count



Serial Communication



SPI Mode,

I2C Mode

Operating Voltage

3.0 - 5.5V

2.0 - 5.5V

Sleep Mode






In Circuit Debug



Oscillator Options

External RC Oscillator,

Internal Oscillator,

External Crystal Oscillator,

External Clock Input

External RC Oscillator,

Internal Oscillator,

External Crystal Oscillator,

External Clock Input

Power Consumption

< 2.0 mA @ 5.0V, 4.0 MHz,

15µA typical @ 3.0V 32 kHz,

< 1.0 µA typical standby current @ 3.0V

11 µA @ 32kHz, 2.0V,

220µ @ 4 MHz, 2.0V,

50nA typical standby current @ 2.0V


Beginner Tutorials


  • Blinking LED Tutorial
  • PIC Input Tutorial
  • PIC Pulse Width Modulated Output Tutorial
  • HD44780 LCD Interface Tutoral (4Bit)
  • PIC Serial Communication Tutorial


List of Expansion Boards

I'm working on a number of expansion boards to suit the PIC development board. Here's a list of what I'm planning:

  • LED and Push Button Experiment Board
  • Sensor Board
  • ADC Board
  • XBee Interface Board
  • USB Interface Board

Hopefully I'll have these available in the comig weeks. In the meantime its very easy to create your own expansion boards with any 2.54mm sp

Download the Ozirock's Projects PIC Development Board V1.0 Manual

The manual for the Ozirock's Projects development board includes the assembly instructions and some beginner tutorials to get started. Unfortunately it is not finished yet however if you want to look at the unfinished version anyway contact me here.