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Line Following Sensor

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Line Following Sensor

I've made a prototype of a line following sensor so I should be uploading information on how this works in the next few weeks. It will eventually be used as an input into the PIC which controls the autonomous robot. 

I used a design from ikalogic.com which can be found here. I chose this design as it requires very few parts which means a large number of sensors can be created very easily and cheaply.

DIY line following sensor for a homemade robot

Parts needed to make a line following sensor for your Robot

This list of parts gives you one sensor, you will probably want three at the very least, five would be better so scale this up to what you can afford.
  • 1 x op-amp (I'd buy a few quad op-amps as the more sensors you have the more accuracy you get) 
  • 1 x LDR
  • 1 x LED (a white LED works best for me)
  • 1 x 10k resisitor
  • 1 x 1k resisitor
  • 1 x variable resisitor (I'd get a few 47k resistors as they are useful to have for other projects and testing)

Assembling your homemade line following sensor

Assembly of the line following sensor was very easy, I followed the instruction here and I was able to put a test assembly together very quickly. Below is a picture of the completed board with the wires clearly visible.

Homemade line following sensor

 Here is a quick video showing the homemade line following sensor in action:



Video supplied by a friend

Here is a video of a line following robot in action and the parts required. You can get more information on his website here. If you want to see more of his videos have a look in the members contribution area here.