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Ozirock'sProjects PIC Development Board V1.0

  The Ozirock’s Projects PIC Development board is intended to provide a platform from which hobbyists and beginners can successfully develop their own projects. The board simplifies the development stage by removing the time usually used for initial set up of general components which are required for almost all projects.

Features include:

  • Suits 18 and 28 pin PICs
  • Configurable Reset button
  • Configurable Oscilator
  • Easy FTDI connectivity
  • ICSP Programmable

Another great feature is that the pin spacing suits standard 2.54mm strip bords or development boards meaning that you can easily create expansion boards or shields for your development board. Continue reading here find out more and order your own board.


What's it all about?

I  will be posting all my little experiments here for anyone else who would like to try them. The first one my RC car controlled via a Velleman k8055 usb interface board from my laptop. I hope to move on to tutorials on simple sensors to create obstacle avoidance robots and line following robots. 

I will also be learning how to use PIC micro controllers to make fully autonomous robots. These robots will use the PIC as a brain and the line sensors and proximity sensors to see and interact with it surroundings. I hope to be able use a robot visions software such as roborealm to eventually add a web-cam to the robot to give it enhanced vision.

Given time we may be able to progress to humanoid robots such as the Bioloid and Robobuilder models which can be found at robosavvy.co.uk.

If you've any questions post them in the forum and I'll try to answer them. 


Basic Electronics

It's important to have an understanding of the basic electrical components and how they work. This will help you to design the most efficient and easy to make circuits.

To help you out here are a few useful areas:


  •  Component Theory
  •  Simple Circuit Design
  •  Circuit Analysis
  •  Circuit Testing Software


The usb controlled RC car


You'll find all the info you need to make your own usb
controlled rc car here.


The car is a normal rc car bought in Argos when I was younger.

The usb interface board is a velleman k8055 which is just wired into the controller which is a normal rc controller.

The code was written using vb.net and the help of the guy's at vbforums

I've been working on creating my own infrared sensors based on a design I found at IKALOGIC.com. You can find the link here

The idea was to mount it to the rc car and let the computer have full control.

Any questions just post them to the forum and I'll try answer them. 


Autonomous Robot

To make an autonomous robot I am going to use a PIC16f627 which I got with a velleman K8048 PIC programmer and the body of an RC car.

The idea is to make the car fully independent i.e. it will not have human input and will not be connected to the laptop.

I hope to make it capable of following a line on the ground using a Light Dependant Resistor (LDR) and a normal white LED to create a sensor. Also I will be trying to make it detect obstacles using the IR sensor described above.




To make the projects a bit easier I'm making a number of eBooks and programs available to members. Hopefully it'll help to speed up the time it takes you to complete the projects. I have a few ideas so far these are:

Free "How To" eBooks

I'm working on creating a few eBooks that will tell you how to create different projects step by step. The first one will be on creating the computer controlled RC car and the next an Autonomous Robot.

Free Programs

I'm working on preparing the RC control program and I'll have it in the next few days. After that I hope to get a robot vision software for your webcam working so there will be some projects for that too.