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RC Car Preperation

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Preparing your RC car for computer control

Getting the RC car ready for this task is not difficult and will take you less than half an hour to do. You will no be taking the car itself apart, you will just be focusing on the controller.

Step 1: Remove the fixing screws that hold the controller together. 

Step 2: Locate the fixing screws for the circuit board and remove these, be careful not to disconnect any wires or             damage the control board.

Step 3: On one side of the board you will see where the joysticks for controlling the board are located. These are     normally very simple switch which just make a connection when pushed one way or another. You will be     able to see how they work by moving them back and forward. You can see the contact points highlighted             in the picture below.

Where to connect wires for pc controlled RC car 

Step 4: Each joystick should have three connections, one in the center directly below it, one when it is pushed          forward and one for when it is push backward. Make yourself aware of their position front and back of the             circuit board. You will probably want to leave the controller so that it still functions correctly so figure out     which side of the board is best for you to solder your wire to that will allow the controller to continue to     work properly and will allow you to fit your wires easily around the inside of the controller. The removed               board is shown in the picture below:

 Where to connect wires for pc controlled RC car

             A close up of the connections for each switch is shown in the pictures below. 

 Connections on switch one of the pc controlled RC car

 Connections on switch 2 of the pc controlled RC car 

Step 5: If your happy you know how your wires will be positioned so that you can put the controller back               together then you are ready to solder your wires on. You should choose three different colours and cut                 two of each colour making sure that you have enough wire to get from the joysticks out of the controller               to your interface board. The connection in the center below the joystick is the earth so you will probably               want to make that one a black wire or something obvious like that. The other two are not as important as             you will be able to test them by turning your RC car on and connecting one of the wires to the ground.

Step 6: Solder your wires to your switches.

Step 7: Make a hole in your controller casing to allow the wires through.

Step 8: Feed the wires through the controller casing in a similar fashion to that shown in the picture below.

Tidying up the controller for the pc controlled RC car


Step 9: Screw it all back together and your controller will look something similar to the one shown in the picture                below.

  Finished controller for computer controlled RC Car

Step 10: Connect to your board and enjoy. 

 RC Car controller wired to computer